In a developing and tropical country like Bangladesh, preservation of perishable goods is quite a major problem. Every year goods  worth corers of taka perish for the lack of proper storage facilities which cast an adverse impact on the national economy. Madina  Group since its very inception finds it difficult to properly preserve its goods. So the Group started planning to establish a cold  storage for its own use as it is to import many perishable items like apple, grape, date, onion, zinger etc. and store and preserve  them.  At last, the Group in the late 1999 began the establishment work of MTC Cold Storage Ltd. registered as a private limited  company, which has started its operation from February, 2000. Situated at Badamtoli Ghat, Dhaka, the total space of the plant is  25,000 SFT. The cold storage is able to accommodate all Madina Group's goods which are needed to be preserved and create  about 300 jobs. the company has plan to increase its accommodation capacity with all modern facilities in future. The total  expenditure for the cold storage is estimated at TK. 5 crore to be financed by Madina Group from its own fund. Recently MTC Cold  Storage Ltd. changes the company name with Madina Heemagar Ltd.  Madina Heemagar Limited