In our country the carrying of goods is a major problem regardless of the mode of transport. Every year exporters and importers  are to count on excess expenditures for lack of proper transport facilities. Madina Group, being a major importer of the country,  also found it difficult to carry its goods properly.  To get rid of the situation, Madina group tried to find out a way and at last decided to establish a shipping line for transportation of  goods of its own as well as others as the transportation by sea is move convenience than that by roads. According to the decision  the Group launched Madina Maritime Limited in the middle of the year 1999 as a private limited company.  At present, the company has four ships with a total capacity of 300 m. tons. It has a plan to increase the capacity of its fleet to 500  m. tons in the year 2000.  Madina Maritime Ltd.