In 1998, in the history book of Bangladesh plastic industry, a new chapter was written MTC Polycon Industries Ltd. Was  established as a part of Madina Group. Later it was named Madina Polymer Industries Limited.  Madina Polymer Industries is now progressing towards future with glorious history of producing and manufacturing plastic goods.  In the scale of quality it is now reaching the highest peak. Specially, the first & the only three layer food grade plastic Tank  achieved the popularity among the people of Bangladesh.  Madina Polymer Industries Limited is one of the largest plastic manufacturing companies. Its main objective is to spread  Bangladeshi plastic industry in the international market. For this purpose, Madina Polymer is determined to keep the quality of its  goods to maximum level Qualified & active worker team, ultra modern & environment friendly technology, rich raw materials & the  dealer network throughout the country are the main causes of our quality production.  Madina Polymer Industries Ltd.